Ann Alifante

I've been training with shawn for over a year his dedication,expertise and training is top-notch. I've never looked or felt better. His workouts are rigorous and he  motivates me to push myself. I value his opinion and have learned so much about eating healthy. I've always been one to workout but training with shawn has brought me to the next level

Melissa Tarpey


 "Shawn" is unique in many ways.  He is a strong man in both mind and spirit.  When I first met Shawn I was amazed at how strong and muscular he was and after speaking to him, I soon learned how dedicated and wise he is to both nutrition and fitness, as well as spirituality.  I soon learned from Shawn that in order to feel good, you must fuel your mind with positive energy and your body with the most natural gifts from Mother Nature.  As my trainer, he set me up with a guideline of foods to love and enjoy and foods that will help me get to where I wanted to be.  I learned so much from Shawn because although he never preached his beliefs, I was amazed by them and started to adapt to much of his thinking. Between our workout sessions and the nutritional plan Shawn set me up with, I lost 10 pounds in two months and at 5' 2", 120 pounds, he leaned me out to 110 pounds on my wedding day.   His workouts always pushed me to be the best I could be.  Through running stairs, cardio bursts, and weight training, Shawn knew I wanted to be lean and not bulky.  I have never felt more lean in my life.  The best part about our workouts is every time is something new.  I feel amazing with the routines he has set me up with and I will tell you that meeting Shawn has been one of the best fitness and nutritional gains I have ever experienced.  I have had other trainers and taken many classes at different gyms but Shawn's individual attention and fitness and nutritional tips have been the results yet!!!!  A typical session with Shawn leaves me sweaty and energized for the day ahead.  We enjoy boxing, cardio sprints, running stairs, plyometric training, and he kills us with variations of push ups!!!  I have more energy than ever and my husband says thank you Shawn.  I think the real reason why he says thank you is because I have never felt or looked better and my confidence and happiness level is higher than ever!!!!  I say thank you Shawn for giving me the knowledge of health and changing my life!!!



























Lasana is the most professional, interactive and dynamic trainer i've worked with. His customized workouts yields the highest sustained results; along with a cut to fit nutrirional plan that ensures true fitness. His discipline and dedication created an atmosphere that motivated me to reach my fitness goals. lasana gets a 5 star rating from me.

​Dana Gentile

I have used other personal trainers in the past and i have to say that deciding to go with shawn was the best decision i ever made. His level of expertise and training is outstanding. He focused on the areas of my body that cared about and taught me what to do to better those areas. He is encouraging and he genuinally cares about the people he trains. If you want a trainer who knows EVERYTHING about being fit and healthy and will push you to suceed then I HIGHLY Recommend shawn,he is simply the best

Joe Parente

I've been training with eternal fitness for about a year and I'm extremly happy with the progress I've maid. My trainer is great he always keeps our workouts interesting and fun.

 Lindsay Maljeko


After having three children and struggling to lose weight I began a vigorous exercise routine and changed my diet. But I still couldn't get the extra pounds off. After meeting Shawn at the gym I asked for advice. I began training with him and making small changes to my diet. I noticed results immediately. Shawn's knowledge of nutrition and exercise have helped me change my life. I have learned to love exercise and to fuel my body with foods that give me energy. More importantly, Shawn helped me to develop habits that will be easy to stick with for the rest of my life. And I have lost over 70 pounds. I am grateful that I met Shawn and have had his guidance through my transformation. Without his knowledge and expertise I would not have known what I was capable of

​Rosemarie Goncalves

If you are looking for a trainer that will study your body,customize the training according to what your needs are and most importantly, educate you, shawn is the trainer for you. Through dedication,persistence and education, shawn has helped me get my body back. In the eight months we trained together,he has help me to physically shed 18 pounds, strengthen my core and has educated me with tools to mentally maintain it. I will miss our training sessions, however i walk away with a fountain of knowledge that will help me to continue to strengthen my mind, body & soul.

Thank you, Shawn!

​Cheydene Green

The training sessions that i have had with shawn has been great. He is very motivating and helps you to realize your true potential.i now understand how important it is to have some one working out with you that understands your needs and can design a fitness progam that will allow you to accomplish your goals. He is very dedicated to his work and im glad that i made the decision to call eternal fitness

​Camille Mcdonald

​Integrity, persision &  result-oriented are the first three words that come to my mind when thinking of my trainer Lasana aka "Shawn"

Integrity because he has studied the human body and crafts of exercise methods associated with it not limited to martial arts and meditation practices.

Persision because it is more important that you get the exercise moves correctly rather than rushing through moves incorrectly which could cause injury with his keen eye  & direction training with Sean guarantees the results I wanted to my body.

At the end of the day "results" in my book are king!  #supermodelgrind #resultoriented

Camille McDonald
Professional Model/Telivision Personality